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The City Viber - Debt Collector Verbally Harrasing

The victim of harassment, whether due to unpaid loans or any other rea

Arabian Radio Network - What amnesty seekers need

Those with pending police or court cases will have to clear their viol

dubaieye 103.8 - what amnesty seekers need to know

Those with pending police or court cases will have to clear their viol

Khaleej Times - Tips for overstaying persons in UA

For overstaying individuals residing in the country without a passport

Recording phone conversations without consent; Tra

As a general rule, all Filipino minors are required to secure a travel

Amnesty; Demand for child support; Owner of proper

You can apply for Amnesty on behalf of your daughter in order to waive

Amnesty; I Want My Maiden Name Back; Child Support

To change the name in your passport, the Department of Foreign Affairs

Divorce Decree in the UAE; Gratuity under limited

A punishment of confinement or a fine shall be inflicted upon any pers

Khaleej Times - Expats in UAE hail retiree visa

Retirees visa, however, is not new. In the Philippines, there is a spe

Gulf News - UAE passenger rights on missing, lost

Airlines, being a common or public carrier, have the obligation to tra

The Filipino Times - Top 10 Amnesty FAQs: All you

The 6-month visa is only for those who have overstayed in the country

ANOC - What to do when your boss absconds from UAE

But if the employer suddenly leaves the country without giving any not

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We offer a range of legal services with our team of talented and experienced legal professionals — all of whom speak English fluently, and majority of whom have received training and graduate degrees from international universities. Our legal services include company-commercial law, foreign investments, company formations, taxation, oil & gas, family, immigration, wills & inheritance, labor & employment, real estate, intellectual property, debt collection, dispute resolution and litigation.


We'll guide you in the right direction. We are known for our practical, strategic approach to legal and business problems. Through the collective talents and abilities of our professionals, we break out the traditional law firm approach. We know that you don't want to be bogged down in legal jargon and confronted with regulations that you don't understand. That's why we give only clear explanations and recommendations. By keeping you fully informed, we can provide you with a better service.


Our flexibility allows us to consider innovative fee arrangements that best serve your interests. We harmonize cost-efficiency with positive results. The firm staffs client matters according to task, utilizing shareholders and associates when appropriate to deliver the best product and service in an economical, reliable, and sensible manner. Gulf Law avoids needless paperwork and procedures, concentrating instead on charting smart, direct courses of actions, which lay solid case foundations.


Our offices are in UAE, Manila and Aberdeen. Our diverse client base requires that we also focus on activities in other parts of the world, which offers us ever increasing opportunities. The relationship between client and attorney must be based upon respect, trust, and mutual confidence. Gulf Law values direct, open communication in service of aiding its clients’ understand of their legal matters and the services with which they are being provided. Gulf Law endeavors to understand clients’ needs, tailoring its service uniquely to each in order to meet and exceed clients’ objectives and expectations.


At Gulf Law, you will find experience you value, and people you can trust.



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