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Staff Report Published: August 17, 2014

Legal Forum: Report lost passport quickly to police




In the latest issue of The Filipino Times print edition, two legal experts from Gulf Law shared their insights about some legal problems that affect Filipinos in the UAE.

Atty. Al Bonghanoy, a senior counsel at Gulf Law Litigation Department in Dubai, the Philippines and United Kingdom (, who is also a certified public accountant, offered his legal advice to our readers.

Krista Bambao       

Krista Bambao is a Certified Public Accountant. She heads the Financial and Tax Advisory Services of Gulf Law in Dubai, the Philippines and United Kingdom ( She likewise handles the Special Projects Division of Gulf Law.

QUESTION: My name is J.B.B. with Philippine Passport No.EB4018485 and I’m on a tourist visa. I lost my passport and my visa expired last July 31.

I went to Sharjah police station to report the incident but I was told to get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from my sponsors. Unfortunately, my sponsors only gave me the NOC on July 24.

But the police managed to take my case only last August 2 because of the long Eid holiday.

Please tell me what to do. How can I go back to the Philippines without a new passport? If I stay, I will be overstaying because my visa is already expired.

ANSWER: When you lose your passport, you should immediately report it to the police. You will complete a form in order for the police to issue a Lost Passport Report.

The purpose of this report is to prevent any unauthorized use of your passport.

It is advisable to check with the Naturalisation and Residency Department or the Philippine Consulate or Embassy if they have received your lost passport as most likely, the person who found your passport may have turned over it to either of these offices.

If these offices do not have your passport, you will need to proceed to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to submit the police report and the NOC from your visa sponsor.

The next step is for you to bring the documents from CID to the Philippine Consulate or Embassy. They will be able to assist you in expediting you’re the release of your replacement passport or travel document considering that your visa has already expired and should leave the country immediately.

Tied up with loans and company contract

QUESTION: Good day! I have read in the newspaper that you’re giving free legal advice. Here is my case. I have a credit card and personal loan which I am supposed to pay every month.

I am behind payments for four months now. I decided to leave my job and accept a better offer so I can pay my loans. However, my current employer doesn’t want to release me and even threatened to file a police case against me. The firm is also holding my salary until I have settled my credit card debts.

I also have some bounced checks. Can that financial institution file a case against me? Please help me.

ANSWER: The employment contract between you and your company is separate and distinct from the credit card loan agreement between you and your bank even though the bank requested for your employment details such as a salary certificate.

If you have a credit card insurance, the insurance company will pay for the minimum amount due until such time that you are gainfully employed again or up to a certain period of time, whichever comes first.

Not all separation from work is however covered by the insurance policy.

As a general rule, only reasons which are beyond the control of the employee are covered such as retrenchment, downsizing or closure of the company. If your employment was terminated due to your own voluntary act such as resignation, the insurance company will not pay for your credit card bills.

The bank has the option as to when to file a case against a defaulting borrower. If your security check has bounced when deposited by your bank and a police case has been filed, you are at risk of being fined or imprisoned unless you settle the obligation with your bank.

Every bounced check is considered as a separate case. Each will have its own case number and you will have to serve the penalty imposed for each case.

If you have already updated your loan payments pursuant to a loan restructuring/settlement agreement duly signed and stamped by the bank, then there is no reason for the bank to proceed with the filing of a police case as you have already made arrangements to settle the same.

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