7 Days 26 February 2014

Filipino lawyer hosts legal seminars for compatriots in UAE


Filipinos are being offered free legal seminars at their embassy and consulate to boost awareness of what is right and wrong while resident in the UAE.

There will be a question-and-answer session after each seminar so people can ask more specific questions.

A Filipino lawyer, Michael Barney of legal firm Gulf Law, is running the seminars with the cooperation of the Filipino Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Barney said he had read the recent article in 7DAYS, pictured, about the Filipino government-run UAE orientation programme, which a Japanese researcher said did not go far enough in preparing Filipinos for UAE life.

“It is unfortunate that my fellow Filipinos lack preparation for their life here. This is why I, and other volunteer Filipinos, started free legal seminars to educate Filipinos about the laws and customs of the UAE,” he said.

The year-long campaign will feature half-day seminars on everything from employment law to marriage and bounced cheques. Barney said there are common mistakes that he wants to address. “For example, people believe that if they are jailed for debt, the banks can’t come after them. That’s a mistake because there can be a civil case as well as a criminal case,” he said.

The first seminar attracted 150 people. Those interested are advised to call or email Gulf Law to book for the next one.

The seminars at the consulate in Dubai begin at 2.30pm. The next, on March 14 will tackle employment law. The embassy seminars in Abu Dhabi begin at 3pm, and the April 11 session will look at bank loans and credit cards. Call 04 449 2076 to book.




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