Gulf News 24 May 2015

Death, divorce, inheritance and medical complaints: Guide to completing legal formalities in UAE

Gulf News guide to processing paper work in case of deaths, absconding maids, divorce, inheritance and medical complaints

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PUBLISHED: 16:00 MAY 23, 2015Gulf News

Dubai: Processing paperwork anywhere in the world in cases of death, claiming inheritance and repatriation are daunting tasks. But more so in the UAE where there are almost 200 nationalities and a convergence of different religions. The result? The lack of a unified rule in getting paperwork done in some cases. Sharia applies to all Muslims while some different sets of rules apply to some nationalities with a different religion. For the sake of this report, Gulf Newslooks into the processes undertaken in five scenarios, the paperwork and the time involved. It will also highlight some suggestions on how to fine tune the process to deliver more efficient service.

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