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Getting married at the Embassy/Consulate

*This is applicable for marriages between Filipinos only.

Step 1. Prepare the following requirements:

• Typewritten application for marriage license/certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage form.
• Joint affidavit of witnesses to a marriage and announcement for marriage forms
• 2 recent passport size photos of applicants
• Photocopies of passport and residence visa of applicants and witnesses
• Authenticated (red ribbon) birth certificates of the parties
• Authenticated (red ribbon) certificate of no marriage (for marriage purpose); CENOMAR or proof of singleness must be valid for 6 months
• Authenticated (red ribbon) affidavit of parental consent for applicant between 18-21 years old
• Authenticated (red ribbon) affidavit of parental advise for applicant between 21-25 years old
• For annulled applicant, submit authenticated (red ribbon) annotated marriage contract/certificate, authenticated court’s decision and authenticated (red ribbon) certificate of finality
• If applicant’s husband or wife is deceased, submit authenticated (red ribbon) death certificate and authenticated (red ribbon) marriage contract.

Step 2. Applicants are required to attend pre-marriage counseling seminar (certificates will be issued)

Step 3. Applicant must settle a total fee of Dhs340 in the embassy/consulate.

Reminder: Wedding ceremonies are conducted every Thursday, no applicants will be entertained during this day.

Source: Essential OFW Guide To UAE by Barney Almazar, Gulf Law


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