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Divorced in the UAE but not in the Philippines


Expats have mixed reactions on divorce Bill currently pending in Philippine congress

16:49 April 20, 2018

Dubai: Filipino resident Jun and his first wife divorced in 2015. Divorce is not legal in their native country but they were nonetheless able to dissolve their marriage in the UAE.



Jun, who works in the automotive industry in Dubai, is one of the many Filipinos who strongly support House Bill No. 7303, popularly known as the Absolute Divorce Bill, that, if passed, will legalise divorce in the Philippines.


Lawmakers in the lower House approved the Bill in March. It has been sent to the Senate. If passed by both Houses in identical form, a signature by the Philippine president will make it the law. If he vetoes it, however, Congress can override the decision with a two-third vote by each House.


   No matter what happens, a husband and wife should stick together. Before getting hitched, a man and a woman [must] prepare themselves for their lifetime relationship.”

 - Art Los Banos | Manager, corporate communications 


Currently, the Philippines is one of two countries in the world where divorce is not legal. The other is the Vatican.




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