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Police work, law enforcement not part of a diplomat's mandate: lawyer


Posted at Apr 27 2018 11:32 AM


MANILA - The rescue of Filipino domestic workers from private homes could indeed be seen as a violation of sovereignty and internal affairs of Kuwait, a lawyer said Friday.


Speaking to ANC's Early Edition, Gulf Law corporate commercial director Barney Almazar said a diplomatic official in a foreign country cannot perform police work and law enforcement.

The rescue of Filipino domestic workers from the private homes of their Kuwaiti employers led to the expulsion of Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa and the potential arrest of 3 other diplomats.



"Going to the house of employers, considering also the culture in the Middle Eastern region, this would really be seen as a violation of their sovereignty and the independence of their internal affairs," he explained.


"Helping the Filipino is always a heroic act but to do a grandstand or to post in social media these rescue efforts may be a different story," he said


Almazar said a sincere, low-key and high-level approach might be able to mitigate the situation.


"Basing it on the culture of the Middle East, if we can show our sincerity to patch things up, I do not feel that the Kuwaiti government will disregard our sincerity," he said.


Despite reports of abuse, he said majority of Kuwaiti nationals still value the Filipino workers there.


"The general population they love the Filipinos. They’ve seen our work ethic. They will not continue to hire more Filipinos if they do not appreciate the efforts of Filipinos to improve the economy of host country," he said.



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