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Promoting Business With No Soc Med License? UAE May Shut Down Your Accounts

If you keep on promoting a product or services with no social media license from the pertinent authority, your website or social media accounts may be permanently taken down by the local government.,h_2048,al_c,q_5/file.jpg

Social media influencers are warned about the latest ‘social media influencer’ rule.

Only those social media influencers who blog or vlog for commercial purposes are mandated to get a license from the National Media Council.


This rule covers all UAE-based social media influencers who take payments in return for promoting brands, goods and services.

The City Vibes has recently sought answer from a prominent Filipino lawyer in the country about the said rule.

Barney Almazar, the director at the corporate-commercial department of Gulf Law in the Middle East and Philippines, explained that a license is needed if a social media influencer deal with these activities such as selling or otherwise dealing in print, video, and audio materials; electronic publishing activities and on-demand printing; specialized websites including news websites and online advertisements and applications.

In a separate case, if a business owner is blogging about his own company or product, the new regulation is not applied.

“Violators will be slapped with fines of not less AED 5,000 or have their websites or social media accounts shut down,” the lawyer stressed.

Every social media influencer who monetize from promoting businesses must secure a license from NMC by the end of June this year.

“If a blogger is doing the activity for enjoyment ad not as a business, no license will be required,” Almazar added.








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