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What amnesty seekers need to know over the three-month period

What amnesty seekers need to know over the three-month period


Thousands of expatriates residing illegally in the UAE are expected to take advantage of the three-month long amnesty which kicked off on Wednesday.

Individuals who wish to correct their visa status without facing fines or bans are being encouraged to visit any one of the nine amnesty centres set up by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) across the country.

Overstayers who wish to stay in the UAE will be given a six-month grace period to find a new sponsor. Those who already have one can go to an Amer Centre with the following documents:

– Passport

– Proof of new sponsor (ex. an offer letter) 

– Payment of about AED 500

Those who do not find a sponsor within the grace period will either have to exit the country or once again face penalties for overstaying.

Individuals who entered the country illegally can also seek amnesty without paying fines, but will face a re-entry ban for two years.

A third option is to make a voluntary exit, where applicants will be given an exit pass. The documents required for this are:

– Plane ticket to home country

– Passport or travel document

– Payment of AED 221

Attorney Barney Almazar, Director at Gulf Law explains the rules linked to exit pass.




The amnesty only applies to visa and immigration related violations.

Those with pending police or court cases will have to clear their violations before they can apply.

Almazar offers this advice to undocumented expats.




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