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With PrepaidLawyer, you get instant access to experienced UAE-based Filipino attorneys for all of your legal needs:


Employment Disputes

Credit Card Debts

Bounced Cheques


Buying a Car/House



Starting a Business

Power of Attorney

Debt Collection

Rent Issues

Wills and Inheritance


Your right to an attorney is now a simple phone call away.


By getting a PrepaidLawyer, you can access legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers by simply calling our central ofiice in UAE.


During the consultation, the relevant laws and its application will be explained to you in detail in light of your present circumstances.


You will know your full rights and will be given a thorough assessment of your available legal actions or remedies, as the case maybe. In addition, you will be entitled to a free follow-up regarding your case which you can avail of at anytime within 45 days from the date of your consultation. We have tailored these services to give you peace of mind.


Better Safe than Sorry.


You're now living in a foreign land. Different laws apply. You\'ve heard a lot of horror stories. Don't be the next victim. Your family and loved ones depend on you.


Consult us before making that important decision.


Everyone has the right to an Attorney. When you know your rights, you are protected.


Be Protected and Empowered for only AED 150


When you know what your full legal rights are, you will have the confidence to defend your cause. Rather than spending your time worrying, let our legal professionals guide you to the right direction.


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Once payment is confirmed, you can instantly avail PrepaidLawyer legal services by calling +971 (55) 8650 248.


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