Our knowledge and understanding of the law goes beyond the spectrum of conveyancing and property law. We are able to identify and address further collateral issues which may arise as a result of your property acquisition. Such things may involve taxation law, the law on trusts and power of attorney, family law, wills and inheritance.


Buying or Selling a Property

 We cover the entire standard process:


Reviewing and providing written advice on the Contract of Sale

Negotiating directly with the other party in relation to amendments to the Contract of Sale

Attending to exchange of Contracts

Arranging the payment of stamp duty, including assisting with any exemption or concession applications

Preparing settlement figures and ensuring proper adjustments are made in relation to council fees, water rates and other levies

Liaising with the lender in relation to settlement

Attending to settlement


Leasing a Property

 We assist in the following areas:


Review and drafting of Lease Contracts

Rent Dispute

Termination of Lease


Asset Management

Financing Infrastructure Facilities

Asset Migration

Property Dispute




Practices Areas

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