Gulf News - Philippines to resume deployment

We have been wanting a system that does not lead to the exploitation of the marginalised sectors of the society

Gulf News - Indian defaulter with Dh1million debt

The pandemic has made it conducive to negotiate previous debts with banks

Khaleej Times - Covid-19: Can UAE employers force

Companies are highly encouraged to have their employees vaccinated

The Guardian - They have to be punished': the moth

For unmarried mothers, the authorities will not readily forgive the ‘love crime’. The mothers have to be punished

Gulf News - Filipina pays Dh26,000 to settle Dh2.7

I always refer to the story of the Filipina who decided to stay in the UAE to clear her liabilities

Gulf News - Mother, 3 kids with Dh712,400 overstay

Act as early as possible because your fines will accumulate

Gulf News - Debt settlement

I started looking for pro bono lawyers online and then I came across Gulf News articles about Attorney Barney Almazar who was able to help a lot of Filipinos

Gulf Today - Many Filipinos in UAE seek revitalisa

The system must allow overseas Filipinos to choose their own packages

The National - How to spot a recruitment scam in t

Don\'t be shy to ask for the company\'s trade licence - We have no food or way to get out of

Over the past two months, these kinds of situations have tripled

NTV - Thousands of workers left to their fate in D

Our cases have tripled over the past two months. It was a really big problem that many businesses cannot pay rent and

Cronica - Pandemic and overcrowding

Over the past two months, these kinds of situations have tripled

Gulf News - UAE Filipinos to discontinue PhilHealt

PhilHealth has been chronically ill even prior to the pandemic.

The Guardian - I am starving’: the migrant workers

It’s really been a big problem with many businesses not being able to pay rent and overhead expenses

Gulf News - Filipinos in UAE concerned about new t

the AoS is an infringement on a Filipino’s right to travel

Rappler - OFWs in a bind with condo payments due t

The law requires a 50% refund of the total payments made for the first 5 years,

The National - Hope for victims of Dh1.8bn Exentia

I encourage all investors, especially those who have already secured a court ruling and pending execution orders

Zawya by Refinitiv - Can't Pay your credit card bi

The easiest approach is to request for deferment of payment, which some banks have been offering for up to three months

Zawya by Refinitiv - Bounced cheques in the UAE

Courts have been lenient in the imposition of jail term, especially if the amount is less than 200,000 dirhams and the person is a first-time offender

GMA News - Number of Loan defaulters among OFWs

We recommend to convert the card balances to a fixed-term loan so that interest will be lowered and they can pay at an agreed term

The Sun - Dubai Probe Brit former PE teacher

It is unfortunate that we have seen an increase in the victims of fraud

Zawya - You need to leave the UAE but have outstan

It is important [for them] to clear their obligations even if they have already left the country

The National - Victims of currency scam in Dubai s

We always advise our clients to be extra vigilant in their transactions and conduct due diligence.

The Daily Bread - Blind OFW can’t go home due to D

The best solution is to negotiate with the banks taking into consideration both their personal circumstances and central bank regulations to strengthen their bargaining position

Gulf News - Buckling under huge piles of debt?

Gulf Law Director Attorney Barney Almazar worked with Andrea to arrive at a settlement with the bank. Read more about it in the article below.

Gulf News - Expats and borrowing: How to manage de

Gulf Law Director Attorney Barney Almazar worked with Andrea to arrive at a settlement with the bank

Gulf News - Filipina expat in UAE terminated by em

Even if the interview was about the company and the employee was not authorised to do so, it will not warrant an immediate termination unless the employee has disclosed confidential information

Gulf News - Filipina pays DH26,000 to settle DH2.7

After completing the payment, I felt relieved and overjoyed.

Khaleej Times - President Duterte to make health i

While this development is welcome we cannot say that we are thankful because this law should not have been passed in the first place

Gulf News - UAE-based Filipinos discuss effect of

I encourage my fellow OFWs to stand for their rights.

Gulf News - Coronavirus: Philippine labour office

We have no control over the funds but we can very much rely on each other

Gulf News - Coronavirus: Forced to take unpaid lea

The employer may at his discretion determine the date for commencement of annual leaves

GMA News - Non-Muslim Pinoys in UAE urged to prepa

Having a will is very important for expatriates here in the UAE

Illustrado Life - Filipino Businesses in the Middl

Gulf Law is steadfastly committed to providing clients with superior legal services in a prompt manner and at a reasonable cost

Gulf News - What banks look at when settling bad d

We look at the reasonability of the offer and we aim to balance the commercial interests of the bank and the civil rights of the borrowers

TFC - Understanding Limited & Unlimited Employment

The labor laws in the United Arab Emirates are primarily governed by the Federal Law No 8

The National - Lost mall boy: Up to five newborns

A child is a child whether this involves a UAE national or another nationality

Khaeleej Times - 6 ways to avoid credit card debt

If the cheque bounces the bank can proceed with criminal charges against the defaulter which can land the defaulter in jail

Gulf News - Mother, 3 kids with Dh712,400 overstay

Act as early as possible because your fines will accumulate

Khaleej Times - KT For Good: Take control of your

Think through explore options of consolidation and reach out for help through lawyers and experts

Khaleej Times - KT For Good: What to do if your de

It is a common misconception that the best way to manage debts is to secure new loans to clear past due accounts

Thomson Reuters Zawya - Credit cards: Swipe it rig

As per the penal code of the UAE No

Khaleej Time - 6 ways to avoid credit card debt in

Credit cards may seem like tools for easy money

Gulf News - Filipina pays Dh26,000 to settle Dh2.7

I also thank Gulf Law and the bank for hearing my case.

Khaleej Times - Don't fall prey to Ponzi scamsters

There are claims which I filed on behalf of many clients

Gulf News - Overstayers get visas legalised just i

There is no need to wait for the next amnesty period

Khaleej Times - Don't run away from your debts in

If the cause of termination of employment is involuntary, your insurance will cover the minimum monthly payments for several months

Gulf News - Debt settlement: How a Dubai Filipina

7 Steps on how to settle bank loans in UAE

The National - Dubai residents warned to be on gua

We have looked at three or four of these cases in the past few months, but we think there may be many more

Gulf News - Filipinos in UAE hail Duterte's develo

The creation of the Department of OFW is of particular significance to Filipinos working in the UAE and other parts of the world.

Courier International - Émirats arabes unis. Les e

M Almazar previent les etrangers residant aux Emirats arabes unis La plupart du temps

The Filipino Times - Good News: UAE residents with

Now, they can sponsor their families as they can demonstrate their ability to support their dependents based on their income

The National - Philippine Embassy warns nationals

We have been getting fraud cases like fake bank account websites

Khaleej Times - New family sponsorship policy for

The law has become more inclusive to cover not just professionals but skilled workers as well

Khaleej Times - Pension fund for UAE expats: Why i

The company and the employee can both contribute to a retirement fund

Gulf News - Debt Settlement: How a Dubai Filipina

We really want to settle the case of our client and if that will happen then the bank will also benefit

The National - Dubai bus crash compensation: what

Depending on the person’s salary and the number of people the deceased was supporting, the court will calculate how much the family has lost and decide on the compensation amount

Gulf Legislation Network - Gulf Law: Corporate Law

the purpose of severance pay is to assist employees to be able to provide the needs of his family during the period of unemployment

The National - UAE Cabinet to remove job title dem

By making income as one of the criteria instead of profession, the law has become more inclusive to cover not just professionals but skilled workers as well

Gulf News - UAE Firms denies discrimination

Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 Against Discrimination and Hatred specifically prohibits all forms of discrimination on the basis of religion

Business World Online - Taxwise or Otherwise

The proprietor of land is necessarily a citizen of the particular country in which his estate lies

Khaleej Times - Why UAE employees need a proper re

the purpose of severance pay is to assist employees to be able to provide the needs of his family during the period of unemployment

Khaleej Time - Meet the go-to lawyer of the Filipi

I cannot contain my happiness knowing that the family\'s harrowing experience after being victimised by fixers and overstaying in the UAE for years was finally over

The Filipino Times - Ramdom police checks are back

If they fail to find a company to sponsor their employment visa, they should leave the country and come back on a valid visa

Khaleej Times - Expats in UAE hail retiree visa

Retirees visa, however, is not new. In the Philippines, there is a special resident retiree visa programme, where a foreigner, who is at least 35 years old, can retire and live indefinitely in the Philippines

Gulf News - UAE passenger rights on missing, lost

Airlines, being a common or public carrier, have the obligation to transport people and goods safely. Thus it is their duty to exercise the highest degree of care and diligence.

The Filipino Times - Top 10 Amnesty FAQs: All you

The 6-month visa is only for those who have overstayed in the country till July 31st and have availed amnesty

ANOC - What to do when your boss absconds from UAE

But if the employer suddenly leaves the country without giving any notice to the employees, the visa cancellation and payment of employee compensation become a complex process

The National - Visa amnesty

They feel they are in a prison. You will hear stories of women who will go out and don’t have anything to wear except the clothes

Gulf News - What to do if you're an amnesty seeker

Amnesty in the UAE relates to pardoning people who have violated immigration rules such as overstaying or absconding. It’s anything related to immigration rules. As part of the pardon, overstay fines are waived by the government

The National - UAE new recruitment fees

We should put a premium on ensuring that our workers are safe and accorded the rights and benefits they deserve

Saudi Arabia News - Lawyer lauds convictions

The court decision of more than 500 years imprisonment sends a very strong message to the public that Dubai is not taking financial crimes lightly


Esta sentencia supera con creces la vida de una persona, por lo que significa que, incluso si funcionan bien en la institución correccional, es poco probable que sean liberados

The National - Illegal dependents

They are in a position to leave the country even if their father or mother has police cases

The National - Overstay visa families

People dont know where to start, so we explain that immigration overstay is the last case you have to address before you leave the country

The National - Widows and divorcees tell of legal

As soon as people saw the resolution, I started getting emails and messages from people asking how can they start the process and whether they qualify

Gulf News - Three month leniency for illegals

Anyone who is overstaying would desire to have a valid resident visa

Gulf News - UAE Residents warned: Up to Dh1 millio

The law also does not only penalize fake news. Even if the information posted online is true, the person sharing it can still be held liable if someone else’s privacy has been violated.

Gulf News - Updated guidebook for Filipinos

Our aim is to expose why Ponzi schemes dont work and all the investment schemes Filipinos should be wary of

Gulf News - Mother, 3 Kids with Dh712,400 overstay

Act as early as possible because your fines will accumulate. If you plan to surrender to authorities, make sure that all your identification documents

The National - Fraudster Sydney Lemos to appeal

Simply encouraging others to invest is not punishable by law. Criminal intent must be established first before a person can be prosecuted.

Gulf News - Spotted a shop violation in UAE? Snap

Under both the UAE Penal Code and the cybercrime Law, the privacy of every person is highly protected here. Privacy is a prime concern

Gulf News - UAE residents warned: Up to Dh1 millio

Article 29 of Federal Law No 5 of 2012 penalises those proven guilty

ABS-CBN News - Police work, law enforcement not pa

Basing it on the culture of the Middle East, if we can show our sincerity to patch things up, I do not feel that the Kuwaiti government will disregard our sincerity

Gulf News - Filipinos relieved by divorce ruling

Once the foreign decree is recognised, the court will order the civil registrar to dissolve the marriage and annotate the marriage certificate accordingly. This process may take about a year but is definitely faster, cheaper and less complicated than annulment

Gulf News - Divorced in the UAE but not in the Phi

To me, laws are enacted for the citizens. The ultimate decision maker is the people and the state — it’s not based on religion. We are a government, we’re not a church. To churches that don’t prefer divorce, they can choose to teach their parishioners the values needed to keep a marriage intact. But they shouldn’t limit others outside their religion

Khaleej Times - Scamsters jailed for 500 years

The sentence of 500 years in jail shows the gravity of the offences the defendants committed.

Gulf News - 500 Years in jail

The court decision of more than 500 years imprisonment sends a very strong message to the public that Dubai is not taking financial crimes lightly

International Business Times - Dubai court

This sentence far exceeds the lifetime of a person so it means that even if they do very well in the correctional institution, they are unlikely to ever be released

Arabian Business - Dubai traders in $200m scam

It sends a very strong message. Financial crime not only destroys the lives of those who have paid out, but often their extended family too,

The National - Exclusive: Dubai court issues 500-y

This sentence far exceeds the lifetime of a person so it means that even if they do very well in the correctional institution, they are unlikely to ever be released

The National - UAE expats warned to make will

This is a real concern as each circumstance is different and certain rules may not apply given their national law, especially on tax implications in their country of citizenship.

ABS-CBN News - Total ban on OFW deployment to Kuwa

We need to balance the right of the government to protect its people, and the right of the people to look for travel and work, he said.

The Filipino Times - Filipino lawyer in UAE explai

Atty. Almazar said that in UAE jurisprudence, there is no specific criminal offence of sexual harassment. However, any unwelcome sexual misconduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment could be prosecuted as an offence under the UAE Penal Code.

Kabayan Weekly - Amnesty debunked as fake news

Spreading false information or fake news regarding UAE laws using the social media or any other means is punishable by law.

Khaleej Times - US-bound passengers face new secur

The major challenge in our society is to balance passenger rights and security.

The Filipino Times - Intimate Relationship out of

Under the Sharia Law of UAE, it is illegal for a couple to live together out of wedlock. If found guilty, a couple might face six months in prison or deportation.

Kabayan Weekly - Taking of photos and videos

The statement from the Philippine embassy talks two things: based on the security of the state as it relates restricted areas, and cybercrime law.

The National - Ban on Filipino domestic workers

The aim was to ensure both governments know who is working where

Gulf News - Employer absconds from UAE

The abandoned employee must first file a case with labour

The National - Gold rush on to recover cash

Claimants will only have a right to recover investments

The National - A way up

Expatriates are also advised by Barney Almazar, head of legal aid

The Filipino Times News - OFW lounge at NAIA

Authorities should consider opening a lounge at NAIA for OFWs

Gulf Law at Gulf News - Discrimination

UAE firm denies discrimination in hiring

Gulf Law at Gulf News 17 July 2017

What Filipino expats in UAE struggle with most

Gulf Law at Gulf News 10 July 2017

Why non-Muslim expats must leave a will

Gulf Law at Gulf News 10 July 2017

Dubai: Life overseas is both exciting and financially rewarding for many expatriates, but there are also a number of problems associated with relocating abroad.

Gulf Law at The National 5 July 2017

New marriage mediation law spells end of hefty legal fees for divorcing

Gulf Law at The National 5 July 2017

New Abu Dhabi divorce and mediation system could mean an end to hefty legal fees

Gulf Law at Gulf News 1 July 2017

Reminder of UAE law issued after another such case came to light recently

Gulf Law at Gulf News 1 July 2017

Filipinos in UAE warned about sex outside wedlock

Gulf Law at Gulf News 30 June 2017

Assert your rights, do your duties: Filipinos told

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 20 May 2017

Filipino lawyer hailed SE Asia Young Lawyer of the Year

Gulf Law at The National 20 May 2017

Account holders have hope, but it is not straightforward

Gulf Law at The National 11 April 2017

They thought they would bever see their life savings again but court verdict against company encourages them to file cases

Gulf Law at The National 10 April 2017

DUBAI // A Dubai court has ordered rogue financial company Exential to repay Dh1 million to one of its victims, giving thousands of others embroiled in the multimillion-dollar swindle a glimmer of hope.

Gulf Law at Gulf News 28 March 2017

Dubai: US-bound flyers have an option to demand compensation if their pricey electronic gadgets get stolen from their checked bags or damaged during a flight, according to a legal adviser in Dubai.

Gulf Law at The National 26 March 2017

DUBAI // Government-backed recruitment centres for domestic workers will protect low-income labour from being exploited, legal and diplomatic professionals say.

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 16 March 2017

OFs air concerns about offloading at NAIA

Gulf Law at Gulf News 14 March 2017

An expatriate authorised representative may be able to negotiate a settlement with the creditor in exchange for withdrawal of a police complaint. Image Credit:Supplied

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 1 March 2017

She had it processed back in Manila. When the documents arrived in the UAE, she had them stamped in Abu Dhabi (because she lives there). Then, when she came back to collect her documents, it was discovered that the documents were fake. She was arrested by the Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG) right away

Gulf Law at The Times Kuwait 28 February 2017

Even if you have secured a tourist visa to Dubai, it does not guarantee you free entry into UAE, either.

Gulf Law at Gulf News 23 February 2017

Illegal moneylender charged Filipina 10 percent monthly interest on Dh10,000 loan

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 19 February 2017

As it is back home, OFWs in the UAE resort to loan sharks because they have no access to lending institutions

Gulf Law at Gulf News 3 January 2017

Dubai: Dennis, an expatriate based in Dubai, has just been informed that his services are no longer needed by his company.The news came as a shock, especially since he had been with the same employer for 16 years. At the same time, he\'s overwhelmed with stress - and fears what the future holds for him and his family.

Gulf Law at Gulf News 19 December 2016

It is actually easier to arrange for waiver of interest and penalties if the borrower is outside the UAE

Gulf Law at Gulf News 27 November 2016

Dubai: If you are one of those hundreds of borrowers who once fled the UAE for failing to settle mounting loans, the doors are still open for you to come back and start your expatriate life again – without landing behind bars.

Gulf Law at Gulf News 15 November 2016

Dubai: Filipinos have been urged not to illegally transport passengers or patronise illegal transport for their own safety.

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 28 October 2016

If the accused escaped or fled the country, the person who guarantee him can face

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 28 October 2016

There is a mechanism to debtors to get help from the UAE Central Bank (CB)

Gulf Law at Gulf News 26 October 2016

You can be booked for uploading videos showing illegal acts

Gulf Law at DubaiEye ARN 18 October 2016

The Agenda - Household Help in the UAE 18.10.2016

Gulf Law at The National UAE 17 October 2016

Philippines drug suspect arrested in Abu Dhabi

Gulf Law at Expat Media 04 October 2016

Quick access to legal advice as first Kabayan Corner opens in Dubai

Gulf Law at 7 Days UAE 3 October 2016

UAE wage protection law comes into force

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 29 September

Aside from the care boxes, added feature that the Smart Shelters now have is the the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) Kabayan Corner Ask Atty. Barney / Isumbong mo kay Congen project, which was officially launched on Sept. 27, with a ceremonial ribbon cutting at the outlet on Rigga Street, fronting Al Ghurair Mall.

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 29 September 2016

love for sale is something that can be tolerated. ove for sale is something that can be tolerated. In his App, TheWealthyFilipinoMigrants.Com

Gulf Law at Gulf News 28 September 2016

Kabayan Corner

Gulf Law at El Correo del Golfo

The serious problem of abandoned newborns (two of which were found recently dead) has put the issue back into the spotlight revealing the desperate situation in which too many women are in UAE.

Gulf Law at The Gulf Today 20 September 2016

Filipinos reminded repeatedly against drunkenness

Gulf Law at The Gulf Today 8 September 2016

Filipino ingenuity showcased at belated Independence Day fest

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 17 September 2016

PCG places drop boxes in Dubai, Sharjah to extend services

Gulf Law at 7 Days UAE 2 September 2016

I have dealt with 12 cases of unmarried pregnant woman and mothers since the beginning of this year. Those mothers did not give birth at hospitals because they fear going to jail and being deported

Gulf Law at DubaiEye ARN 30 August 2016

The Agenda - Scams 30 August 2016

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 25 August 2016

Filipino businessmen flock to Nasco business legacy seminar

Gulf Law at Emaratiya 15 August 2016

Affected passengers should coordinate with the airline to resolve the matter amicably. If the issue is not settled, a claim before the courts can be made within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived

Gulf Law at Gulf News 14 August 2016

Proof of ownership and receipts will also speed up the process, so it is advisable to have these documents ready

Gulf Law at 7 Days 14 August 2016

Runaway bosses leave UAE staff in limbo

Gulf Law at 7 Days 11 August 2016

Some people have families and suddenly become jobless and do not get

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 30 July 2016

A stiffer penalty of at least one year imprisonment and/or a fine not less than AED250,00 is imposed on violators.

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 28 July 2016

Doing free legal seminar and consultation quarterly in the embassy

Gulf Law at 7 Days UAE 28 July 2016

Fines for delaying salaries welcomed

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 16 June 2016

Get Legal Assistance through Legal Portal

Gulf Law at Gulf News 22 May 2016

Regulate unsolicited credit cards, residents urge

Gulf Law at Gulf News 26 April 2016

Write a will or your family could suffer

Gulf Law at 7 Days UAE 8 March 2016

Travel agencies are no longer booking return tickets from the UAE to Iran

Atty. Barney at Rappler 28 January 2016

10 young global Filipinos honored at TOYM 2015 awards

Atty. Barney at Manila Bulletin 26 January 2016

Senate adopts resolution commending TOYM awardees

Gulf Law at Good News Pilipinas 23 Jan 2016

Dubai resident Barney Almazar, whose legal work spans the protection

Gulf Law at Gulf News 24 January 2016

A smartphone application that offers practical tips from top dollar

Gulf Law at Gulf News 23 January 2016

App with saving, investing tips for Filipinos to be out in February

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 13 January 2016

Free legal aid, seminars to expand in MENA region

Atty. Barney at The Filipino Times 02 January 2016

OFW Guidebook author among TOYM awardees

Kabayan Weekly 10 December 2015

The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM)

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 19 November 2015

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 19 November 2015

Gulf Law in the News 10 October 2015

About 200 Filipino expats attended the September 18 free legal clinic

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 26 September 2015

Family rights and duties, such as parental authority, marital rights, and child support pursuant to the Family Code of the Philippines are still applicabl

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 30 September 2015

Family code applies to Pinoys abroad

Gulf Law at Gulf News 30 September 2015

Woman finds fraudster using credit card despite bank rejecting her application

Gulf Law at Gulf News 29 September 2015

Identity theft victim warns UAE public

Gulf Law at 02 September 2015

12 outstanding Filipinos honored in UAE

The National 05 September 2015

Balikbayan: Time for Filipinos in UAE to think inside the box

The Filipino Times News 13 September 2015

Legal assistance fund for OFWs a mere fraction of total remittance

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times

Congratulations! Legal Professional of the Year - Atty. Barney

Gulf Law at Gulf News 26 August 2015

Gulf Law at Gulf News 23 August 2015

Free guidebook will help Filipino expats save, invest

Gulf Law at Gulf News 23 August 2015

Credit report can help curtail further borrowing

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 15 August 2015

PICPA to educate Filipinos about UAE legal systems

Gulf Law at MSN News 7 August 2015

Hundreds of maids were arrested during Ramadan for absconding

Gulf Law at Gulf in the Media

Simply do the maths and know very well how to manage finances.

Gulf Law at Kickers Daily News

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Abu Dhabi,

Gulf Law at

UAE frees 15 Filipinos, 834 foreigners from prison after Ramadan

Gulf Law at ANN 29 July 2015

The government of the United Arab Emirates has ordered the release from prison of 15 Filipinos

Gulf Law at Gulf Today 31 July 2015

OFWs advised to be cautious on credit cards

Gulf Law at Expat Pinay 31 July 2015

Gulf Law and The Filipino Lawyers in Dubai are inviting everybody, especially Filipinos,

The Filipino Times 23 July 2015

There are at least 8 annulment cases filed in the Philippines per day and an increasing number of couples in the UAE are also seeking separation remedies. Find out what is fueling this trend.

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 02 July 2015

Essential OFW Guide to UAE discusses how to

Gulf Law at Emirates 24|7 - 24 June 2015

New guidebook highlights five most common problems

Gulf Law at Dubai Informer 20 June 2015

A guide book for Filipino expatriates in the UAE will be released this weekend.

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 13 June 2015

Crusading lawyer launches OFW guidebook

Gulf Law at

Filipinos Warned Not to Pawn Passports

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 12 June 2015

Legal guide to decrease cases of indebtedness

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times 12 June 2015

Crusading lawyer launches OFW guidebook

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 11-17 June 2015

The Essential OFW Guide to UAE - at the front page

Gulf Law at moneygulf

Guidebook for OFWs to be distributed free-of-charge from June 12 07 June 2015

Know UAE laws and observe them, Filipinos told

Gulf Today 07 June 2015

New guidebook to help Filipinos in the UAE confront challenges

The Filipino Times 5-11 June 2015

The Filipino Times 5-11 June 2015

Gulf Law at Dubai Eye 103.8

Gulf Law at Dubai Eye 103.8

The National 02 June 2015

Book explains the migration cycle and the UAE laws. It will be

The National 01 June 2015

Guidebook explains UAE for Filipinos

Gulf Law at Yahoo News

Gulf Law at Yahoo News

Gulf News 24 May 2015

Dubai: Processing paperwork anywhere in the world in cases of death, claiming inheritance and repatriation are daunting tasks.

Gulf News 24 May 2015

Dubai: Things get even more complicated when the deceased dies in a foreign land with different sets of laws from his or her home country.

Gulf News 24 May 2015

Dubai: For expatriate non-Muslim couples getting a divorce, there are no clear-cut rules because of varying reasons, including religion and the nationality of the divorcing parties.

Gulf Law at Cebu Inquirer

Gulf Law at Cebu Inquirer

El Correo del Golfo 07 May 2015

Nuevas reglas para expatriados no musulmanes al registrar testamentos

Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly 07 May 2015

KW reveals nominees for Outstanding Nurse, Kabayan 2015

Gulf Law at Gulf News 05 May 2015

Dubai: Non-Muslim expatriates who own property in the UAE can breathe

Gulf Law at Gulf News 05 May 2015

Inheritance registry created for non-Muslim expatriates

Gulf Law at The Filipino Times

Annual vacation mandatory but air tickets are not unless

Gulf at Mi@bogado Online


Gulf Law at Kabayan Weekly

Basics on employment contracts renewal

Gulf Law at Gulf Today

Emiratis, UAE expats invest in Philippines realty

The Gulf Today 14 April 2015

High-end real estate and property development projects or

Gulf Law at DubaiEye ARN

Fake tenancy contracts now easier to detect

Gulf Law at Etisalat Listen Live

More UAE residents are falling prey to loan sharks

Gulf Law at DubaiEye ARN

UAE residents falling prey to loan sharks

Yahoo News 23 March 2015

Gulf Law, in cooperation with the Philippine embassy, plans to hand out the 150

The Filipino Times 17 March 2015

The Philippine Embassy, in cooperation with Gulf Law will soon

The Filipino Times 17 March 2015

3rd Global Summit for Overseas Filipinos

Kabayan Weekly 12 March 2015

Aside from conducting free legal seminars and consultation, Gulf Law

Kabayan Weekly 12 March 2015

Filipino lawyer, envoy to release all-in-1 guidebook for Pinoys

Kabayan Weekly 12 March 2015

In a bid to further empower overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Filipino Times 09 March 2015

A detailed guide book on various issues pertaining to overseas employment, visa requirements, etc., will soon

GMA News Online 09 March 2015

Filipinos working in the United Arab Emirates may benefit from an upcoming 150-page guidebook to

Gulf News 09 March 2015

Philippine embassy to issue guide for UAE expats

The National 28 February 2015

ABU DHABI // Filipinos who are unable to find work or have left their jobs to run a business have resorted to buying UAE visas

Gulf Law at Yahoo News 25 January 2015

The Philippine government has warned Filipinos in the UAE against applying for loans and using credit cards that they can\'t pay.

Dubai Laws 02 January 2015

Article No 120 of the UAE labour law under which the company has claimed to have terminated

The Filipino Times 6 February 2015

DUBAI: Recto Esmeralda, 55, a former HR manager for a hotel in Dubai, took out an Dh80,000 loan in 1999 to pay for the surgery of his friend’s mother.

Gulf News 26 January 2015

The Philippine government has warned Filipinos in the UAE against

The National 01 January 2015

Dubai residents are being warned against dealing with unscrupulous

Khaleej Times 07 December 2014

The two-day Philippine Property and Investment Exhibition, or PPIE

Emirates 24/7 News 05 December 2014

Foreign nationals and companies can own 100 per cent condominium units

Kabayan Weekly 25 September 2014

Gulf Law holds UAE Visa and Immigration Rules seminar

The National 3 September 2014

I remember the case of a Filipina who was advised by her agent to make a cash advance

Gulf News 31 August 2014

Dubai: Forging your certificates to get a pay hike of a few hundred

The Filipino Times 31 August 2014

Dubai: A lawyer offering free legal advice to Filipinos has warned that

The National 21 August 2014

We should all be financially literate

The National 20 August 2014

Legal advice group warns Filipinos in UAE dangers of debt

Filipino urged not to purchase illegal work visas 20 August 2014

Kabayan Weekly 14-20 August 2014

Gulf Law continues free legal aid to Filipinos

Rappler 12 July 2014

About 22% of Filipinos in the UAE are irregular migrants or not properly documented, do not have a valid residence or work permit, or are overstaying

The Filipino Times 13 July 2014

LEGAL FORUM: Hostile boss holds OFWs passport to keep her from going

The Filipino Times 23 June 2014

Manila: Despite a legal analysis pointing to benefit domestic helpers

Gulf News 2 June 2014

Roads and Transport Authority launches clearance system

7 Days 2 June 2014

A new domestic workers contract that came into force

Kabayan Weekly 14 May 2014

Filipino Lawyers conduct free legal aid in Abu Dhabi

Kabayan Weekly 7 May 2014

PSA joins Gulf Law in conducting free seminar

Philippine Embassy partners with Gulf Law

For the year 2014, the Embassy has partnered with Gulf Law in conducting a series of legal seminars for the benefit of the large Filipino community in the UAE. The first in the series was the Legal Seminar on Credit Card and Bank Loans held last April 11.

GMA News 28 April 2014

Lest they risk a forced inheritance distribution, non-Muslim Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates were urged to make wills for their families.

Gulf News 28 April 2014

Dubai // Non-Muslim Filipinos in the UAE have been urged not to treat making wills a taboo and instead draft one to ensure their assets go to their intended beneficiaries.

Phl Embassy in Abu Dhabi Holds Seminar on Local La

The seminar was conducted by Atty. Barney Almazar, Director of Commercial Law, Gulf Law Consultancy.

The National 13 April 2014

ABU DHABI // Filipinos are often unaware that their rights have been breached, accepting jobs with inferior terms and conditions, legal experts have said.

Gulf News 6 April 2014

Dubai // Filipinos in UAE endangered by sweet and kind nature

Kabayan Weekly 20 March 2014

DUBAI // The prestigious law firm, Gulf Law conducted the second

The National 21 February 2014

ABU DHABI // Buying illegal work visas in the UAE has its perils

7 Days 26 February 2014

Filipinos are being offered free legal seminars at their embassy and consulate to boost awareness of what is right and wrong while resident in the UAE.

The Gulf Today 16 February 2014

SHARJAH // The Philippine diplomatic mission in the UAE has partnered with a group of Filipino volunteer lawyers to empower and make responsible citizens out of the nearly one million Filipinos across the seven emirates.

Gulf News 11 February 2014

Dubai // Filipino expatriates need to reconsider their easy to forgive and forget nature and discern if they are being taken advantage of. But they also need to familiarise themselves with the UAE laws to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

The Filipino Times News 9 February 2014

ABU DHABI // A legal consultant has warned OFWs not to borrow money from illegal lenders because that would only compound their existing problem.

The National 8 February 2014

ABU DHABI // Filipinos who choose to go to illegal money lenders have been warned not to compound their problems by handing over their passports as guarantees for loans or agreeing to unreasonable interest rates.

The Filipino Times News 16 January 2014

DUBAI // Filipinos here wallowing in debt and unable to meet their payment obligations need not lose hope as legal experts say there are possible courses of action that could free them from a difficult situation.

The National 25 January 2014

ABU DHABI // Filipinos facing problems at work, mountains of debt or who are on the wrong side of the law can turn to a group of compatriots for guidance.

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